Putting my heart into every image....

I put my heart into every image...make sure to look for it! I hide a small heart in at least one photo of every post.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Look who's turning ONE!

One cute little tutu, One gorgeous day, One hour of fun, One beautiful Momma and, of course, One beautiful little girl turning..... ONE!!

I know you probably can't tell, but this cute little momma is expecting another beautiful child.....I think the following is a beautiful photo, and kinda shows off her "Little Bump".

AND, my FAVORITE..... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

Best wishes Taylor, I can't wait to see you again for some Maternity photos!  :-)

Oh, and a GREAT BIG THANK YOU, to Karen for the help and, of course, her gorgeous images too.


  1. Each picture is more beautiful than the last. I could not be happier. Thank you for another beautiful session, La Tricia!

  2. Awesome pics. She is one cute babe! Karen