Putting my heart into every image....

I put my heart into every image...make sure to look for it! I hide a small heart in at least one photo of every post.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Okay, I think I LOVE this family!  We had a ton of fun yesterday taking these family photos.   I truly hope they felt the same... sometimes I think I am the only one having so much fun!!! 

This little gal wears a little key around her neck and I kinda think it's the key to my heart (hint... hint).  She just reminds me so much of my little girl.

Oh, and the following is my personal favorite!!!  Again, I just LOVE this little girl.

So, if you are just tuning in......  I hide a small heart in at least one photo of each post, and I gave you a HUGE hint on this tiny heart!

Thank you Johnson family!!!  Oh and, another special thank you to my gal pal Holly for the wonderful photos she took as well!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to you!!

We had a birthday party for this cutie today....with fun party clothes, smiles and, oh yes, ICE CREAM!!  

I am going to post more of this little one later.....we had a great day and an even better photo shoot.  I just wanted to make sure to share these pictures on her 1st birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!