Putting my heart into every image....

I put my heart into every image...make sure to look for it! I hide a small heart in at least one photo of every post.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nicole.... CLASS of 2012!

I just couldn't wait to show these images of this BEAUTIFUL senior.  I think I owe her a quick turnaround, I mean, I made this gal walk all over for these shots and she is recovering from a recent foot injury (acquired, while kicking some butt on the soccer field)!   You definitely can't tell in these photos, but  Ms. Nicole was limping around in a boot and changing out her shoes for the wide shots....  She was a trooper...boot and all.

Oh, and her mom calls her a bit of a "Tom Boy", but all I see in the next photo is one beautiful little lady....I mean, OMG!!!

Good luck to you Nicole, and remember ANYTHING is possible!  Take care of that foot!

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