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I put my heart into every image...make sure to look for it! I hide a small heart in at least one photo of every post.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tis' the Season!

I know....I know.....it seems a bit too soon (and maybe a little too HOT) to discuss holiday cards, but it is definitely the right time to start thinking about that family photo!!  If you haven't already, call me, so we can set up a date......it's starting to get real busy, real fast!

I also just couldn't wait to share some of our Holiday Card Designs for 2011.  We brought back just a few from 2010 and some very exciting NEW designs for 2011.  Keep in mind, any flat card design can be changed into a folded design.  I can also customize any card......call me, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and create a card to meet your needs.

All cards come with, your choice of paper: fine art linen, standard gloss, art recycled or metallic pearl (15% up charge)
.   And they all come with envelopes as well.

Again, these are just a few......

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